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About Us

Why do I need a VoIP phone system?

A VoIP phone system (also known as an IP PBX) will enable your business to make a great impression on your customers, improve communication, and dramatically reduce your monthly phone bill. 

Make your small business sound like a big business

Auto Attendant

  • An automated attendant can quickly greet your customers on the first ring.  You can present options to the customer, such as "Press 1 for Support" or "Press 2 for Sales."  This feature is customizable through an easy to use web interface.
Music on hold 
  • A customer may think they are disconnected if they only hear silence when on hold.  With our VoIP phone systems, you can play music or share information about your products and services.
Conference calls
  • Setup conference calls with customers or suppliers
Automated Directory
  • If a customer knows the name of an employee, they can easily connect to them using this automated directory.
Call Recording 
  • Record calls for quality control, or for legal reasons.

Improve communication

Never miss a call 

  • Incoming calls can ring your desk phone and cell phone at the same time.  This makes it easy for people to contact you at a single phone number, and makes sure that you will always be able to answer important phone calls.
Provide voicemail for all of your employees
  • Every employee can have their own voice mailbox. 

Detailed call history

  • Quick access to your missed calls, received calls, and placed calls, just like you do on your cellphone.  You can also generate detailed reports and statistics from your Switchvox IP PBX.

Call queues with agents

  • Larger organizations may have a call center to receive incoming calls.  Our VOIP phone systems allow your call agents to login and start receiving calls.

Lower your monthly phone bill

Lower your phone bill

  • We will help you implement VoIP phone service which can reduce your monthly charges by up to 70% when compared to traditional phone service.

Free calling between offices

  • No more long-distance charges for calls made between branch offices.  Now you can install a Switchvox IP PBX at both locations and use the Internet to make free calls.
Better utilize your Internet connection 
  • With VoIP, you can use your broadband Internet connection for both voice and data.
Cheaper long distance
free tracking